Like working witha friend you’ve known for years

Dana helped my wife and I buy our first home together in Apex.  She helped guide us throughout the entire process and her expertise was apparent from day one.  We looked at houses from Cary to Apex and she knew extensively about each area.  We really appreciated the fact that she is 100% local, born and raised.  Her knowledge of the area and how it has evolved over the years was an invaluable asset in helping us determine where the best place for us to raise our family may be.

Dana was always available by phone or email to answer our little questions and available to meet if we needed more guidance on the process.  She did a great job at ‘reading’ our expressions and body language in addition to listening to our reactions to help us find the home that provided the level of extravagance that we wanted, but stayed well within our price range.  When our family got busy through football season and the holidays, Dana checked in an let us know that she was there when we were ready to keep looking.  She also maintained a great sense of humor throughout the process.

Working with Dana was very much like working with a friend we’ve known for years.  Our conversations were open and candid and I think we talked and laughed as much as anything else.  Not only did we find a home to build our family, we made a friend as well and are going to miss meeting with her on a regular basis.  If we ever need to go house hunting again, we would not hesitate to give Dana a call.

Posted by user865140 4/1/2013